Setting Expectations

There is a bar attached to the hotel. That means the potential for noise on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. We can provide you with earplugs, but if you are noise sensitive, this hotel may not be the best choice for you!  :-)  Additionally, strongly consider whether to bring kids with you, since there will be drinking on the premises.


Work is ongoing at the hotel. While the areas that are available to customers are pristine, there are parts of the hotel that are still under constructions. We will be extremely cognizant of your peace and comfort.


We have two dogs, Katie and Pops. They are very people-friendly and will want to meet you. Unfortunately, they are not "other-dog friendly", so at this time we are unable to bring other dogs onto the property. I am happy to help you find accommodations where dogs are allowed.

If any of these items are of concern to you, please, let's talk about it, so I can provide more information.

Thank you!